About Me

I am Leader of the Conservative Group on the Council and represent my constituents on the following Committees,

Scrutiny Commissions and Panels:

  •  Economy and Scrutiny Commission
  • Vice Chair of General Licensing Regulatory Board
  • Vice Chair Statutory Regulatory Licensing Board
  • Appeals and Awards
  • Member of the Joint Employee Consultative Committee
  • Member of the Penistone East Ward Panel
  • Member of the South West Area Partnership Board
  • Member of the Rockingham Community Association
  • Member of the Trans Pennine Trail Steering Committee
  • A Trans Pennine Trail Ranger
  • Member of the Economy/Strategy Review Group
  • Member of Schools Advisory Committee for Religious Education (SACRE)
  • Member of BMBC Children’s Safeguarding Panel

The Conservative Group on Barnsley Council work as a team and have been successful in progressing some major projects in and around our rural community. We endeavor to represent the views of all our constituents from rural and environmental concerns to road safety, the environment, the rural economy and providing council services to all who need them. We also make sure we are readily available within our very large rural area and are happy to visit any of our constituents.